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Using Google Docs in the Classroom

There are many things that you can do with Google docs in the classroom.  This is just a starting list…can you add any more ideas?

  • Create electronic (paperless) handouts
    • Share a document with your students.
    • Allow them to view only, so they will need to make a copy for themselves.
  • Create electronic (paperless) assignments
    • Once students make their own copy, they rename their document (according to a naming convention) and then share it back with you and/or their collaborative group members.
  • Create sign up sheets
    • share a document with a full class (group) and then individuals can sign up for a time for meetings, or a presentation topic, or…
  • Collaborative notetaking / research
    • students take turns making notes, share among class / group
    • research for a group project can be documented by student – all group members contribute to the same document
    • teacher can see who has done what (file → see revision history)
  • Improve the writing process
    • students can work collaboratively in and out of class
    • students can receive ongoing feedback – a virtual conference
    • revision history holds students accountable
  • Journals
    • reading response or other – easier than physical journals for all involved
  • Use templates as a virtual copy machine
    • A template provides students with a starting point for a digital project
    • You provide a consistent page format
    • Many templates exist already (created by users)
    • There is a category for students & teachers
    • You can also create your own template
    • This saves students having to make a copy of a document

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