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Parents & Families

Naomi is an experienced speaker who brings her hands on interactive approach to  all her workshops.  She works with organizations and private groups, and will personalize the workshop for your audience.  Look at the following ample workshops, and then contact me for more information, or to book a workshop.

21st Century Parenting

Parenting is a challenge in the 21st Century.  Naomi helps you navigate through a world that is much different than the world of our youth.  Learn what your kids are doing online, and explore resources on keeping them safe, at the same time empowering them to be effective digital citizens.

Workshops are tailored to the age level of the children of the participants: Young Children, Tweens & Teens.

Using Google Apps

Google Apps are being used in and out of schools for collaboration and organization.  Google has a variety of tools for use in and out of schools:  Classroom, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drawings & More!  These tools are powerful productivity tools to use in and out of the classroom.

In this hands on workshop, participants will learn the basics of using Google Apps for productivity.  Online tools are the future of work, and Naomi will help you get oriented.

Workshops can be tailored to the level of the participants.

Study Skills to Support Students

Sometimes are kids struggle in school.  As parents, we don’t always know what to do to support them.  In this workshop we look at the struggles of our kids, and how to help them.  When to hire a tutor and when it’s not necessary, as well as some fundamental organization and study skills to work with your kids.  All learners need support, and sometimes parents need to step up – I will support you in this journey.

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